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The Democratic Party is having a big debate on who we are as a Party, and how to show the stark difference we offer Americans in contrast to the far right-wing policies of the gop.  This internal conversation is healthy, but you need to have the right people representing YOU to have it.

Nobles Crawford is that person.


We WILL the Party we WANT.  

When you meet Nobles, it's clear where he stands on policies and our party's approach to them.  Be it local matters or Federal challenges, Nobles is unwavering in support of key issues that directly affect the constituents of Harlem and Washington Heights.


Our Party's Future

State Committee Matters

Our party is made of the people of our party, not certain politicians alone. And in helping to steer our party, Nobles has been very active in his first term.  With your support, he will continue to bring Northern Manhattan values and perspective to the business of the NY State Democratic Party.

Two-Term Accomplishments:

  • Nobles has begun establishing a marketing infrastructure within the party to meet our messaging challenges in the face of Republican propaganda and misinformation

  • Took the lead in holding our party leadership accountable for the 2021 and 2022 ballot proposal failures, and worked with the same leadership to put things in place to make sure it doesn't happen again (i.e. the marketing infrastructure)

  • Perfect attendance for State Committee meetings

Renters Rights

Implement and Build

Our grassroot groups, state officials and city electeds have done a great job at providing the people of New York the momentum to pass comprehensive and strong rights for the Renters of the State.

There's still more work to do though.

As your 71st AD State Committee Member, I pledge to support candidates and leaders that are not only champions of our current Renters Rights progress, but are also enthusiastic about fine-tuning them to last.



Lift Children and Support Parents

Thankfully, NY Assembly District 71 has amazing schooling options, and with the monumental addition of Universal Pre-K  three and four to our neighborhood, we have a solid educational foundation to continue to grow our children mentally and socially.

However, we can always strive for better.  Pushing for more nutritious school meals, affordable after-school options for single and low-income parents, and funding increases for public school infrastructure.

Any Democratic politician Nobles will support as State Committee member will need to have a clear voice on these pillars.

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Living in Washington Heights for over a decade, Nobles has pushed for healthy local progress and representative community balance for his beloved neighborhood. After years of County Committee volunteering and robust grassroots activism experience, it's time to bring that energy and mission to the business of New York State and our national Democratic Party.

State Committee is an important role, especially in 2020, and should be taken seriously in these testing times.  As one of the most grassroots positions in our Democratic party, Nobles sees this opportunity as a means to carry the wants and needs of the 71st constituents into the national Democratic conversation of who we are, and need to be, as a party.

Responsibilities include:

  • Deciding which NYS Democratic candidate gets our party's endorsement

  • Crafting the NYS Democratic Party's platform

  • Determines who gets to serve out terms for State elected officials that leave office before their terms are concluded

  • Provide specialized Party support for local races

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Nobles in the Neighborhood

Talk the Talk. Walk the Walk.

Nobles is laser-focused on problem-solving effectively to achieve our community's goals. He has put time into into making sure the welfare of our community stays strong and is always getting better. Be it neighbor-to-neighbor, activist group or established Democratic party groups - Nobles stays active so our neighborhood can have another advocate.

Grassroots of the 71st

  • Uptown Community Democrats

  • Action Potluck

  • NOIDCNY - Executive Committee (NoIDCNY, #6of8)

  • MakeNYTrueBlue

Community Volunteering of the 71st

  • Community Board 12 - Member

    (Parks & Cultural affairs; Cannabis Task Force)

  • NYS County Committee

  • Fort Tryon Trust, Board Member


Make Change with Some Change!

Please support Nobles' campaign.  Any amount helps bring true Northern Manhattan representation to the NY Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee at large!

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Volunteer with Us!

We. Need. YOU!  Come volunteer on your terms.  We're super flexible around your timing and very organized.  So every minute you spend working with us will be fulfilling and fun!

Shoot us an email or DM on social!

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